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Cat Vaccine Shortage

You may have read about supply issues with cat vaccines across Europe.  The shortage is believed to be due to a combination of the dramatic and unforeseen rise in pet ownership and the knock-on effect of lockdown. 


Currently, we are experiencing a very short supply of cat vaccines across the UK.


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Guidelines from 19th July

In line with Government Guidelines, it will no longer be compulsory for our clients to wear masks while visiting our practices.

We encourage you to still be mindful of other potentially vulnerable clients and staff members and ask politely that if you are happy to continue wearing a mask while visiting, then please do.

Our staff members may still be seen wearing masks, so please do not be offended if they are wearing masks when speaking to yourselves.

Furthermore, social distancing guidelines are also being relaxed - while we have the luxury of large waiting rooms, we are keen to help limit social contact if we can and so where possible, please continue to bring one person per appointment.

If the waiting room looks full, you may be asked to wait outside for a short while. Please understand that this is for everyone's benefit and will help everyone continue to feel safe when visiting our practices.

Please remember to be kind to our staff members and other members of the public. We are all working hard to ensure the safety of yourselves and your pets, and we thank you for your continued support at this time.

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Important Message for Cat Owners

There are rising cases of pancytopenia (low blood cells) in cats being reported, which can be fatal. As a result of this, some cat foods are being recalled. If you have been feeding your cat one of the below brands, please stop immediately: AVA, Applaws and Sainsbury’s own brand. If you have been feeding your cat one of these brands, and your cat appears unwell please contact your vet for more advice. A product recall from the maker of these foods is available here: