Protect your new family member from infections and disease with a simple vaccination 

It’s important to give baby animals the best possible start in life, just as you would with a baby human. An essential part of their healthcare includes protection from common but nasty diseases that could potentially be fatal.

Vaccinations are given to puppies, kittens and kits (baby rabbits) to protect them from the particular diseases that they are susceptible to. The vaccination courses consist of initial injections at a few weeks of age, followed by annual booster injections to keep their immunity high. 

Puppies should have their first vaccination around 6-8 weeks of age and their second 2-4 weeks later. They are vaccinated against:

paw-points Canine Parvovirus

paw-points Canine Distemper Virus

paw-points Infectious Canine Hepatitis

paw-points Leptospirosis

paw-points Canine Herpes Virus

They can also be vaccinated against Parainfluenza and Bordatella in the form of our Kennel Cough vaccination.

Kittens should have their first vaccination around 9 weeks of age and their second 3 weeks later. They can be vaccinated against:

paw-points Cat Flu Viruses

paw-points Infectious Enteritis

paw-points Feline Leukaemia Virus

Kits (baby rabbits) should be vaccinated from 5 weeks of age, against:

paw-points Myxomatosis

paw-points Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD).

If you would like more information about vaccinations, or to book an appointment for your pet, please call a member of our friendly team on 01488 683999. Alternatively you can email us on