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Kittens and Puppies

We’ve got everything you need to give your kittens and puppies the best start in life

Nothing beats the feeling of meeting your puppy or kitten for the first time. You’d love to maintain that special connection – and with effective veterinary support, you can.

That’s why we provide a host of options to keep the newest (and fluffiest) addition to your family as healthy as possible, with our range of young animal care methods.

  • Puppy Parties
  • First-time Vaccinations
  • Neutering

Puppy Parties

Your puppy should feel comfortable around other dogs, and not be terrified whenever they visit the vet.

That’s why we hold regularly puppy parties at our Hungerford Hospital, in which owners can bring their puppies along to socialise, under acute supervision from us.

They’ll have a great day with us, and leave our practice feeling happier, more confident and less intimidated by our friendly Veterinary Hospital team.

The easiest and most cost effective way of ensuring your puppy or kitten receives the preventative healthcare that will help them to lead a happy and healthy life is signing up to our Pet Healthcare Plan.

Core benefits to your new family member’s healthcare are 10% off neutering fees, and savings of up to 20% of preventative healthcare costs throughout the year!

First-time Vaccinations

The first set of vaccinations for your pet are arguably the most important to encourage their healthy development.

Puppies should be vaccinated at the age of six to eight weeks. We then recommend a second vaccination to complete their course two to four weeks later depending on their circumstances. This will be discussed with your vet at the time.

Kittens should be vaccinated from nine weeks of age and again at 12 weeks.


The cost of neutering a dog or a cat can vary depending on their weight, so please ask for more information.

The best age for neutering may vary from pet to pet. This can be discussed with your vet or nurse. 

We can also neuter rabbits, guinea pigs and small mammals. Please contact us for more details.

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