We’re here for you and your pet, no matter what time you need us

When your pet falls ill, it’s always an anxious time for you. If they happen to need medical attention in the middle of the night, it can make the situation even more stressful. At The Veterinary Hospital we have a 24-hour emergency service, so there’s always help available no matter what time your pet needs it.

We are able to diagnose and treat a vast range of conditions and problems, with the assistance of our in-house equipment:

paw-pointsOur digital x-ray machine allows us to view your pet’s images almost immediately, and send them to a specialist if necessary. We also have digital dental x-ray facilities to monitor your pet’s oral health.

paw-pointsOur ECG machine can monitor your pet’s heart and allows us to take appropriate action quickly if it is needed. 

paw-pointsTwo fully-equipped operating theatres mean we are able to give surgical patients the treatment they require in practice, with no need for transfer elsewhere.

paw-pointsIn-practice laboratory services mean that if we ever need to take blood or run extra tests on your pet, we can usually have the results in a matter of minutes.

paw-pointsUltrasound machines help to identify a problem that may not be easily seen on the surface, which means a faster diagnosis for your pet.

paw-pointsOur flexible endoscopy equipment allows us to internally investigate any problems with your pet’s oesophagus, stomach and upper intestines.

paw-pointsTonometry instruments help us check the internal pressure in your pet’s eyes – a key diagnostic indicator for glaucoma.

paw-pointsArthroscopy apparatus means we can investigate your pet’s joints to check for any inflammation that might be causing them a problem.

paw-pointsWe also have advanced orthopaedic equipment, enabling us to carry out fracture repair procedures and tibial tubercle advancement (TTA) procedures for dogs with canine cruciate ligament disease.

If your pet is involved in an accident or needs emergency care, they will be attended to immediately at our Hungerford practice. The Hospital here is fully equipped with the latest surgical and diagnostic equipment to enable us to identify the problem and help your pet as quickly as possible. We also have our own on-site laboratory which means we can obtain test results quickly and efficiently before deciding on necessary treatment.

You can rest assured that your pet will always be tended to by one of our own team – our nurses are on-site 24 hours a day to care for any inpatients. We have the facilities to deal with all emergencies on site and never outsource out-of-hours cases.

If your pet urgently needs veterinary attention, at any time of the day or night, please call our normal number: 01488 683999. Our emergency care is carried out at both our Hungerford and Pewsey branches for your convenience.