Make sure your pet’s every need is catered for with our Pet Healthcare Plan

As a devoted pet owner, you want to be sure your pet has the best possible healthcare. But you’d probably also like to know that this healthcare makes good financial sense for you too.

We understand that the costs of keeping an animal healthy can quickly add up, which is why we’ve introduced our new Pet Healthcare Plan. Aimed at dogs and cats, from puppy to senior, it will ensure that your pet receives all the preventative healthcare and routine treatments they need to stay healthy, at a manageable monthly cost for you. You’ll even receive exclusive discounts on selected products and services in practice.

If you have more than one pet, you will benefit from an additional £1 discount per month for every extra pet that you register with the plan.

If you are the proud owner of a puppy, you can sign your pup up to the Pet Healthcare Plan too. A new puppy is always a very exciting addition to the family, they can provide hours of fun and entertainment, as well as being lifelong loyal companions. Make sure you kick start your pup’s healthcare the right way, and sign them up to our Pet Healthcare Plan.

The Pet Healthcare Plan includes:

  • Annual vaccination boosters. For dogs this includes Distemper, Hepatitis, Parovirus and Leptospirosis; for cats it includes Feline Flu, Enteritis and Leukaemia.
  • Six monthly health check with a vet
  • One year’s worth of flea treatments
  • One year’s worth of worming treatments
  • Free nurse clinics, including nail clippings
  • 10% discount on a selected range of products and services::
    1. Microchipping
    2. Neutering
    3. Diets stocked in practice
    4. Dental scale and polish
    5. Additional vaccinations – Rabies for cats, and Kennel Cough and Rabies for dogs.
    6. PETS Passport scheme
    7. Additional parasite control

Save up to 20% compared to buying separately.

For more information about the details of our Pet Healthcare Plan, or to sign up, please contact our friendly Reception team on 01488 683999, or you can email us on