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Cat Vaccine Shortage

Information on the shortage of cat vaccines

Vaccine Shortage Information

You may have read about supply issues with cat vaccines across Europe.  The shortage is believed to be due to a combination of the dramatic and unforeseen rise in pet ownership and the knock-on effect of lockdown. In addition, Pfizer is the manufacturer of both the cat vaccine and one of the Covid-19 vaccines, putting the company under tremendous pressure.

Currently, we are experiencing a very short supply of cat vaccines across the UK.  As such, the veterinary profession is having to consider the best plan to ensure that the majority of the cat population is protected from those diseases we can protect against with vaccination.

As a Practice, we have decided that this is best achieved by prioritising vaccinations for the most vulnerable within the cat population, and so are focussing on kittens and those naïve adult cats not previously vaccinated and deemed at high risk of contracting infectious diseases.

For those cats that have previously completed a primary vaccination course and maintained annual boosters since, we are extending the interval between boosters until supplies return to normal. This change is an attempt to protect as many individuals as possible and the risk to older cats with good vaccination history is extremely low compared to the risk of significant outbreaks if we didn’t do this.

We are managing a waiting list and will be contacting you by telephone personally to invite cats for a vaccination appointment as soon as we have allocated supplies. In the meantime you may still receive email, text and postal reminders, these do not need to be acted on if you have already made initial contact with us and we have added you to our waiting list.

We would like to thank you for your patience during this time.

* If you are booked into a cattery and just outside your vaccination anniversary date we have a letter available for cattery owners which explains these issues. Please contact the practice if you require a copy.

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