Fireworks – the dos and don’ts of animal safety

While we all love nothing more than gawping up at the beautiful colours that fireworks create, there’s little that frightens pets more than the confusing loud noises that surround them on Guy Fawkes Night or New Year’s Eve.

When November 5th comes round again next year, or when the inevitable barrage of fireworks goes off around New Year, you won’t just have to remember to buy a packet of sparklers for the kids.

Remember to keep your pets safe – they’ll appreciate it.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a few tips to make sure your pets are safe and sound while you enjoy a fireworks display.

  1. Keep them indoors

This one’s simple – don’t let your cat outside on Bonfire Night or New Year’s Eve, and don’t let your dog wander around the garden. Caught outside, there’s a good chance that fireworks will make them panic and flee. In a worst case scenario, they might even lose their bearings and become lost entirely.

This can be a genuinely frightening time for a pet, so make sure they’re not stuck outside during a nearby fireworks display.

  1. Make sure they’re comfortable

Your cat or dog is unlikely to be calm during a fireworks display, but you can improve their day with an extra treat or two.

Whether it’s a few extra biscuits or a brand new toy, this is a day to spoil your pet to put them at ease.

  1. Give them a hiding place

Your pet might feel safer in a secluded space or hidey hole during a fireworks display. If they’ve already got a favourite hiding place in your house, make sure it’s easily accessible.

These tips will keep your pet safe and sound during any fireworks extravaganza. For more information, or to book an appointment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.