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The Veterinary Hospital – Winter Newsletter 2017

When your pet is young they are agile and ready to run a marathon on their daily walk, but as age creeps in, so do the aches and pains. You may notice as your cat or dog rises from their cosy bed, a slight stiffness as they walk, maybe limping a little. Has there been […]

Christmas foodstuffs to AVOID feeding your pet

No creature loves chestnuts roasting on an open fire more than your dog or cat – or any portion of food, for that matter. But while it can be tempting to sneak your pet a few festive treats here and there during the holiday season, we’d advise you to hold off on sneaking your pets […]

Fireworks – the dos and don’ts of animal safety

While we all love nothing more than gawping up at the beautiful colours that fireworks create, there’s little that frightens pets more than the confusing loud noises that surround them on Guy Fawkes Night or New Year’s Eve. When November 5th comes round again next year, or when the inevitable barrage of fireworks goes off […]

Alert to dog owners

There has been a confirmed case of Parvovirus in the Hungerford area. Parvovirus disease is characterised by weakness and severe bloody vomiting and diarrhoea. Dogs – especially puppies – dehydrate quickly once they contract this condition. It can even be fatal in some cases due to the dehydration and – occasionally – severe blood loss. […]

A new tick-borne disease has been discovered in the UK – find out how to keep your dog safe

Scientists at University of Bristol conducting the Big Tick Project have said that recently confirmed cases of Babesia canis in four dogs Essex based dogs, have increased the need for surveillance of tick-borne disease in the UK. Launched last year, the Big Tick Project has become the largest-ever veterinary study of ticks and tick-borne disease in the […]

If you ever walk your dog through wooded areas, keep a close eye on them for any cuts or lesions

In 2012 a nasty disease called Alabama Rot was discovered in the New Forest, Hampshire. The condition causes dogs to fall ill – and in extreme cases, die – and has claimed 60 dog lives across Britain over the past 4 years. The condition (also known as cutaneous and renal vasculopathy) causes kidney damage and […]

You’ve seen ‘missing pet’ posters. Microchipping makes sure your pet isn’t the subject of the next one

Animals are naturally both curious and adventurous. Sometimes new smells or sounds can be enough to make your pet run away to explore. Thankfully, microchips have made it much more likely for you to be reunited with your pet if they stray a bit too far from home. If you have a dog that isn’t […]

Introducing Belmont Veterinary Clinic – the new addition to Hungerford Vets

We are pleased to announce that as of Monday 30th November, Hungerford Vets have taken control of a practice in Pewsey called Belmont Veterinary Clinic. Over recent years we have been growing steadily and our owner Jonny Green feels that this is the perfect time to expand in order for us to offer fantastic veterinary […]

Lets talk about worms…

Roundworms – Roundworms are large white worms with cylindrical bodies. The adult roundworm lives in the small intestine and feeds on the gut contents. Cats can contract roundworm by eating their larvae which then develop and breed within the body. Worms and eggs are then passed out in the faeces. These eggs develop into larvae […]