Alert to dog owners

There has been a confirmed case of Parvovirus in the Hungerford area.

Parvovirus disease is characterised by weakness and severe bloody vomiting and diarrhoea.

Dogs – especially puppies – dehydrate quickly once they contract this condition. It can even be fatal in some cases due to the dehydration and – occasionally – severe blood loss. In puppies under the age of eight weeks the virus can also damage the heart muscle.

Parvovirus can be caught directly from other infected dogs, but the virus can also survive for several months in the environment. It can therefore be picked up by a dog just sniffing in the park, for example.

Illness usually develops within ten days of being infected.
Intensive treatment is frequently necessary for dogs with parvovirus infection. Unfortunately, even with intensive care, not all dogs can be saved.

Please ensure your puppy or dog is up to date with their vaccinations so that they are fully protected from the virus.
If your puppy or dog shows any of the symptoms above please contact your vet as quickly as possible. It is important that they receive intensive care in an isolated ward. Mortality rates without treatment are extremely high.

If you are at all worried or would just like to speak to somebody, give us a call on 01488 683999 or email

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